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British Bikes

We know a lot about British bikes at RM Motorcycles as we own them and ride them as well as providing a range of services for other owners.

Old British bikes are now much sought after and we’ve been involved with them from day 1 on opening RM Motorcycles.

We sell all Castrol classic oil products such as oil, grease, red rubber grease and various pattern British parts.  If they’re no longer available, we can often re-make or re-work parts in our workshop.

We always have some bike restoration work going on on customer bikes and we take a great pride in getting these machines back on the road. Take a look at  the image gallery .

The experience and expertise we have in restoration and re-building of British and other classic bikes is difficult to find anywhere so give us a call on 01482 887886 if you’ve got a motorcycle restoration project you’d like us to look at.